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U-1000 Technology

U1000 SystemU-1000 Technology

Meets the needs of high volume disc packagers
In response to the growing needs of high volume packagers, Univenture developed the patented U-1000 system. The U-1000 is a totally integrated, automated packaging machine that can be operated by a single operator to produce complete disc packages that can include graphic insertion, printing, labeling and embossing. The U-1000 system utilizes environmentally friendly polypropylene to form a high quality, low cost optical disc packaging solution.

Ultimate ease of configuration
Literally hundreds of package configurations can be achieved for virtually any packaging requirement, from low cost commodity applications to highly customized products. The system is easily and cost effectively customized.

Highly cost effective solution
U-1000’s are located in our customers’ facility under a unique vending arrangement. The customer benefits greatly because there are no capital costs or logistics expenses (e.g. purchase orders, shipping, warehousing, inspections, handling) associated with buying and handling other packages. The U-1000 allows for customer control and turn-around while only paying for good product production. Because of the efficiencies achieved, customers actually pay less per part.

[ patent 5,875,614 ]


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