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U-1000 Technology

Safety-sleeve Technology

Why Safety-sleeve®?

Keeps dirt away from discs
In all Safety-sleeve® products, the disc is suspended above a soft, non-woven, clean room material which uses no chemical binders and will not shed or form lint. Dirt and minute debris fall through the fabric and become trapped away from the disc.

Less bulk & clutter
As a packaging and storage system, Safety-sleeves® are compact and significantly less bulky. More discs can be stored in less space and shipped at lower costs. The side profile of the Safety-sleeve® is 75% thinner than the standard jewel box and is significantly less expensive to ship,  w hile offering unlimited flexibility in designing sleeves for specific customer requirements.

Less risk
Safety-sleeves® also eliminate much of the risk of damage that can occur with other types of packaging. Felt or paper liners and cardboard sleeves can easily scratch a disc's surface as debris is trapped between the disc and its packaging. Safety-sleeves® are longwearing, durable and inexpensive. The characteristics and look give our Safety-sleeve® products a higher perceived value than other comparable materials.

Unparalleled disc protection in a variety of products
Our quality engineered, vinyl products and 100% recyclable U-1000 poly sleeves offer superior disc protection with Safety-sleeve® construction in a wide variety of products with virtually unlimited options. With our full service manufacturing capabilities, Univenture delivers an unparalleled combination of quick turnaround times and overall lower costs for any disc or media packaging requirement.


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